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Wollaston Lake (Unorganized Territory), Saskatchewan

Wollaston Lake Stats

Fish Species in Wollaston

  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Lake Trout
  • Arctic Grayling
  • Yellow Perch
  • Whitefish
  • Burbot

How to Fish Wollaston Lake

Minor Bay Lodge

Wollaston Lake is located in the northern end of Saskatchewan. Unless you happen to live there, You will need to book a trip with a fishing guide service. Here are a few guide services for Wollaston.

I stayed at the Minor Bay Lodge. You can plan on spending around $5,000 for four days of fishing. That includes lodging, airfare, food, boat, and guide. That does not include, your fishing license, gratuities, alcohol, or other miscellaneous purchases you make while there. Please check each individual outfitter for their packages.

Fishing Experience on Wollaston Lake

Landing at Points North Landing Strip

In a single sentence, “This was the best fishing trip I’ve ever done.” If you are looking to go on the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is it!

I went here with my Father-in-law, Dennis, in early July. If you want to fish out of a boat, then you have June, July, and August. Its frozen all other months of the year.

Transwest Air, Saskatoon

We stayed at Minor Bay Lodge, so I can only speak of my experience there. The package includes airfare from Saskatoon, to Points North Landing.

Points North Landing

The points north landing is basically a clearing in the forest where planes can land. There is a “terminal” there if you need to go inside. Otherwise, I saw lots of construction vehicles around the airport. Things up here are very expensive because most of it gets here on these airplanes.

Bus Ride

From the airport, its a 45 minute ride on an old school bus down a bumpy dirt road.


The lodge is nestled in between tall pines. The cabins are made of log and are exactly what I was expecting to see up here.

Breakfast at the lodge

Breakfast and dinner was served at the lodge. Lunch was either a bag lunch brought with and eaten on the boat, or a shore lunch with fish you caught.

Boat dock

They take 12 people at a time. Two per boat, each boat with its own guide. We would leave by 8am, and had to be back by 5pm. I hope you like peeing outside because that’s the only bathroom you’ll have for the next 9 hours.

Lunch break in the boat

As you can see, there is nothing but pure wilderness all around you. It was rare that we’d even see another boat while out here.

The two lures that just killed it up here was the Blue Fox Vibrax (number 4 or 5), and the Mann’s One Minus crank bait.

OK, but how’s the fishing?

We mainly targeted the northen pike, and that was a blast! Here are some examples:

So every day when you get back tot he lodge, you can record your catches in the books. It had to be at least 36 inches to be entered into the book. There was always a few that recorded a 40 plus incher each day. From what I read, 55 inches is the biggest one caught here.

So what other fish did you catch?

Other boats targeted Walleye. Although we never tried for walleye, we did spend a few hours trying for lake trout.

lake trout

Oh man was that fun! This is my first ever lake trout. These guys fight hard. To catch lake trout, we did some vertical jigging in the deeps.


We also trolled the “trout narrow,” with a gigantic spoon. Even though we only caught one fish there, the underwater camera showed many trout investigating our lures.

curious pike

I even caught the attention of a curious pike on camera. They always seem more interested in the camera than the lure.

arctic grayling

There is one other fish here than some people target, its the artic grayling. To catch these, you have to be up in the northern end of the lake. Since that would take a very long time to drive up there, we didn’t target those.

fish fry

At the end of the first day of fishing, we all pool our catches together and have one giant fish fry. Its a good way to get to know the people you are up there with.

Barbless lure

All catches have to be landed by the fishing guide. All fish are catch and release, except for a couple small ones kept to eat as shore lunch. Only barbless hooks can be used, and in most cases, all hooks but one are removed. This means you will have many that you will lose after hook up. I lost the biggest one I’ve ever had on. We estimated it at 46 inches.

This will definitely be a fishing trip of a lifetime. I can’t recommend it enough. If you get the chance, this is the place to go. I hope this gets you fired up to catch some HUGE pike. You can see us fish this lake and many more on my YouTube Channel, so go check that out as well.