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Lake Reviews

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Have you ever looked up lake information, only to be disappointed by the vague, general details provided? Welcome to Lake Reviews, where you will find in depth information about the lakes you want to fish.  Here is what makes Lake Reviews at Go Midwest Fishing different from the rest. 

First, I will gather all the technical data about the lake. Most of this data can be found online from government sites, but I will do the work of finding it and displaying it here in an easy to read format.

Then I will actually go to the lake, fish it, and make observations that I can pass along to you. It will include info such as condition of the boat landings, how much traffic the lake gets, amenities near by, and how well I liked fishing the lake.

I will include plenty of pictures and videos so you can get a real life experience of what the lake is really like. I will be constantly adding new lakes to the library so check back often as the selection of lakes gets bigger.