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De Montreville, MN (Washington County) | Best Lake Review On The Web

De Montreville Lake Stats

  • Acres: 157
  • Max Depth: 24 feet
  • Mean Depth: 8 feet
  • Shore length: 3.42 miles
  • Water Clarity: 17.8 feet (2011)
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Fish Species in De Montreville

  • Northern Pike: average abundance, average size.
  • Largemouth Bass: high abundance, large size fish present. This is a great bass fishing area.
  • Bluegill: very abundant but small sized fish.
  • Crappie average abundance, average size, but some large individuals present.
  • Bullhead species: average abundance, larger than average size.
  • Yellow Perch: average abundance, small size.

Watch us fish De Montreville in September

Boat Landing on De Montreville

De Montreville boat landing

The boat landing on De Montreville lake is located on the northwest end of the lake. This landing can be a little tricky. The boat launch is located on a small patch of steep shoreline between the main road and the lake.

Launching boat

It does have a nice concrete launch and a dock. There is not much space here, so its one boat at a time. It seemed to be a popular lake when I was there. You had to wait your turn to launch your boat.

shore fishermen

There were quite a few people fishing off the dock and shoreline near the boat ramp, so you have to navigate around the crowds.

Parking lot

On the plus side, De Montreville does have a big parking lot for boat trailers.

Commentary about De Montreville Lake

Looking south

De Montreville lake is full of small bluegills. It also has a good population of largemouth bass. Largemouth Bass fishing is limited to catch-and-release only. All Largemouth Bass caught must be immediately returned to the water. 

According to the Minnesota DNR, De Montreville  has some of the best bass fishing in the East Metro area. This is due to the strict catch and release regulation for all largemouth bass, which has resulted in a population a larger bass.

Underwater view of De Montreville

My Sportsman’s Guide Book says the water clarity is 17.8 feet. This might be a little outdated because it didn’t seem nearly that clear to me. It had a notable green tint from the algae.

Ice fishing spot

I have not fished here in the winter, but my Father-in-Law has, and he says the deep spot in the middle of the lake is good for crappie through the ice. It’s also suppose to have some decent northern fishing in the winter.

Oh, and in case your wondering where the name “De Montreville” came from, Lake De Montreville was named after a dentist who built a resort house near the lake. (According to Wikipedia)

Fishing Experience on Lake De Montreville

Reed with small bluegill

Like I mentioned earlier, this lake has an abundance of small bluegills. We caught several of these little guys.

North shoreline

We started off fishing the northern shoreline. This was recommended as one of the better spots to fish. It has a weedline that stretches out into the lake. We moved along this weedline catching a few of those small bluegills.

Channel to Olson Lake

We only had 2 hours we could fish, so we zoomed down to the south end to take a look. At the very south end there is a small channel that connects to Olson lake.

Channel to Olson lake

The water was only 1.5 feet below the boat in some spots as we navigated through this channel. I saw several pontoons going through here, so you can do it even if you have a bigger boat.

We just took a look at Olson, then went back to De Montreville.

fish jumping

We fished some more on the south end of De Montreville. There were many over hanging trees, which made for great cover for the fish. I must have landed right on top of a fish because it jumped up when my lure hit the water.

Dennis With a Bass

We dis manage to catch one bass before we left. I was hoping we’d catch one bigger than this, but I’ll take it.

I didn’t fish this lake very long, but my initial impression are that its a good lake to bring kids to. They can have fun catching small bluegills, and you can try to catch one of those larger bass that are suppose to be in here.

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