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Eagles Nest Lake, MN (St Louis County) | Best Lake Review On The Web

Eagles Nest Lake Stats

Lake #1Lake #2Lake #3Lake #4
Max Depth76 feet39 feet49 feet49 feet
Shore length5.21 miles7.92 miles16.28 miles5.06 miles
Water Clarity19 feet14 feet17 feet18 feet

Fish Species in Eagles Nest Lake

  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Yellow Perch
  • Black Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Pumpkinseed
  • Hybrid Sunfish
  • Rock Bass
  • Lake trout (lake #1)
  • Burbot
  • White Sucker

Watch us fish Eagles Nest Lake in late May

Boat Landings on Eagles Nest Lake

Boat landing on lake #2

If you are fishing either lake #1 or #2, then you will use the landing shown above. It is located on the northwest corner of lake #2.

Boat launch

It had a nice boat launch with a concrete pad and a dock. There is plenty of space to turn around and unload your boat, but there are no parking spaces at the launch.

Parking spots

For parking you will go up the hill from the launch and just on the other side of the road is a small gravel area. I was parked as far in as possible and was real close to sticking out into the road.

Toilet at landing

There is a large Porta-Potty at the landing which is always nice.

I did not fish lake #3 or #4 so I can’t say for sure what the landing are like. The above photo is the landing on lake #3 and is located on the northeast side of the lake. I could not locate a landing on lake #4. If you know where the landing is, please let me know. [email protected]

Commentary on Eagles Nest Lake

Eagles Nest lake #2

Eagles Nest lake goes by one name but is made up of four lakes. Each lake is distinguished by with numbers 1,2,3,and 4. All four lakes have some similarities and some differences.

Lake surveys show lake #1 to be dominated by bluegills, walleye, northern pike, and rainbow smelt. Lake #2 has walleye, bluegill and northern pike. On lake #3, the dominant species are walleye, white suckers and bluegills. Lake #4 is different from the rest with dominant species being black crappies and walleye, with increasing numbers of rock bass.

Channel between lake 1 and 2

Lake 1 and 2 are connected by a narrow channel. If you are boating on this lake, keep a close look over the sides for rocks!

quick changing bottom

The lake bottom changes quickly on this lake. Going through the channel between lake 1 and 2 you will pass through a 76 foot hole and very soon afterwards the bottom shoots up to 2 feet! Take it slow here and watch the bottom and your fish finder.

Eagles Nest shoreline

Even though the shorelines have seen quite a bit of development, it still has a backwoods feel to it. The homes are nestled back into the treeline so they aren’t real noticeable.

Fishing Experience on Eagles Nest Lake

fishing Eagles Nest

I fished here at the end of May. The water was nice and clear but had a dark look to it. Right off the bat, we almost smashed the trolling motor into some big boulders just under the water line. None of these hazards are marked with buoys, so take it slow and keep an eye out.

Rocky bottom

A majority of the bottom structure was rocky. Weeds were very sparse. We mainly fished lake number two and had no luck. Then we went into lake 1 and it was just as bad.

deep hole

We didn’t even see a fish in waters 5-20 feet deep. I did notice what appeared to be fish being marked on the fish finder in over 40 feet of water. Maybe that’s why we didn’t do very good?

Anyway, as far as fishing goes, we didn’t care for this lake. That doesn’t mean its not a good lake to fish, we just had a hard time navigating all the obstacles and had zero action on the fish. Being such a clear lake, if there were fish nearby, they were probably easily spooked.

All the stats I read about this lake say it has lots of fish, so if you know where they are and how to fish it, then you might do better than us.

Pooping eagle

As for me… I’ll let the eagles have this lake.

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