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Green Lake, MN (Chisago County) | Best Lake Review on the Web

Green Lake Stats

  • Acres: 1809.5
  • Max Depth: 32 feet
  • Mean Depth: 9 feet
  • Shore Length: 16.52 miles
  • Clarity: 3.4 feet (2011)
  • Google Maps Location

Fish Species in Green Lake

  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Channel Catfish
  • Bullhead (Black, Brown, and Yellow)
  • Black Crappie
  • White Crappie
  • Sunfish (and Hybrids)
  • Pumkinseed
  • Bluegill
  • Yellow Perch
  • Bowfin (Dogfish)
  • Common Carp

Watch us fish Green Lake in July

Boat Landings on Green Lake

Green Lake southeast boat landing

Green lake has two public boat landings. The one pictured above is on the southeast end of the lake. This is the one I used.

Green lake boat landing

As you can see, it is a nice landing with plenty of parking spaces. It has two docks and a concrete launch pad.

Little Green boat landing

The other boat landing is on Little Green lake which is on the northeast end of the lake. I only drove by this landing, but it looked nice.

Little Green Lake parking lot (google maps)

This landing appears to have several parking spaces as well.

Commentary about Green Lake, MN

Green Lake is located near Chisago City, MN. It is right next door to Chisago Lake and South Lindstrom Lake. Green lake is actually two lakes. The lower and larger part is just called “Green Lake.” Then there is a smaller section on the north end called “Little Green Lake.”

Special Walleye Regulations

According to the Sportsman’s Guide, Green Lake has a good reputation for producing walleye’s. I’d have to agree with this, considering we caught a nice one and weren’t even fishing for them. Green Lake also provides good fishing for northern pike, crappies, bluegills and largemouth bass.

Green Lake looking south

The south end of Green Lake is a large shallow area. I was expecting it to be extremely weedy, but it wasn’t bad. You can easily navigate it by boat, and the fishing wasn’t bad either.

There is quite a bit of development along the shorelines. Check out this awesome trail leading down to the lake.

South end bluegill

Here’s what it looks like on the south end. We caught a few bluegills and bass here, including this one caught on a spinnerbait.

Between lakes

Going up to the north end, there is a narrow channel where you can enter into Little Green Lake. We actually did our best fishing in this part of the lake. Check the map below to see where we caught our fish.

Navionics Lake Maps

Fishing Experience on Green Lake

We only spent half a day here, and did very well. We started off close to the boat landing.

Reggie with a bass

Reggie caught a bass right away. I caught a bunch of bluegills, and could have caught many more, but we wanted to check out the rest of the lake.

Rande with a bass

I caught this beauty right at the entrance to Little Green Lake. As we continued along the shore to the east, we continued to pull in several panfish. We didn’t catch anything on the north side of Little Green Lake.

Reggie with a 26 inch walleye

As we made it all the way around Little Green and were just about to leave through the channel, Reggie caught this huge walleye in only 3 feet of water.

Green Lake northern

Up on the northwest side of Green Lake, the shore line is full of reeds, which the northern pike love. We caught a few of them here. Then we headed down to the south end.

Bass on south end

We pulled in a few bass and even a few sunfish in the shallows of the south end.

It was hard to miss giant flamingo docked at a home on the south end.

I was very pleased with green lake. The fish bit well, and we even pulled in two really nice fish. I thought it was going to be extremely weedy with a name like green lake, but it wasn’t bad. We also fished Chisago Lake and South Lindstrom around the same time, and I enjoyed Green lake the most out of these three lakes.

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