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Twin Lakes, MN (St Louis County) | Best Lake review On The Web

Stats for Twin Lakes

Fish Species in Twin Lakes

  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • White Sucker
  • Black Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Pumkinseed
  • Green Sunfish
  • Yellow Perch

Watch us fish Twin Lakes on a windy day in May

Boat Landing on Twin Lakes

There is one public boat landing on Twins Lakes located on the northwest end. There does appear to be a second landing on the far east end, but I believe it a portage landing for canoes. You will have to hike to that one.

There is a nice concrete pad for backing your boat in, but there is no dock. At least the water is fairly deep, so you won’t wave to get your feet too wet.

Turn around area

It has a deep turn around spot so you can get any size boat in here.

Parking lot

The trailer paring is about 500 feet up the gravel road. Make sure you unload all your supplies at the boat launch.

Commentary about Twin Lakes

If you Google twin lakes, chances are, it won’t be this lake that comes up first. There are many lakes and even a town named Twin Lake. The above map shows where this one is located. It is not too far from Ely, MN, and just below Burntside lake, a well known lake.

Reggie fishing twin lakes

At 224 acres, this is a smaller lake, but big enough to hold some nice fish. It even has a 51 foot hole where fish can escape to the deep if they want.

As the name states, this is a “Twin Lake,” meaning it is two lakes in one. The two lakes are connected by a channel that is plenty wide, but also extremely shallow!

Shallow channel

I attempted to cross into the second lake, but quickly realized it was a mistake. Above is Reggie telling me to quickly backup! The water went from 28 feet to 1 foot with a wall of rocks in a matter of seconds.

Lake #1 is much deeper than lake#2. The second lake is mostly between 5-15 feet deep. I really wish I was able to access the second lake. It looks exactly like the kind of water we like to fish. There were plenty of people in canoes crossing over into the other lake. It seemed like a popular spot for the locals.

Fishing Experience on Twin Lakes

Wind on Twin Lakes

Reggie and I fished here at the end of May. It was an extremely windy day, which was why we came here. We had planned on fishing a bigger lake, but the wind made it impossible, so we searched for a smaller lake nearby.

Twin Lakes is suppose to be full of northern pike, which is one of out favorite fish to go after, so we were excited to try it out.

Rocky bottom

The bottom had a good mix of weeds and rocks. It was still early in the year, so the weeds hadn’t grown much yet.

Big Boulder

In the shallower areas, you have to be careful of some big boulders just under the surface. We were able to see into the water easily, but you can see that is did have some algae floating in it which reduced visibility some.

west end

We started out by fishing the west end of the lake. There is a large shallow area here that looked good. I had a follow right away by a small northern. There seemed to be fish in this area.

As we worked our way around the lake, the wind picked up and we couldn’t hold the boat steady anymore.

Lake #1 northeast end

We crossed the lake to a finger that sticks up on the east end to get out of the wind. Reggie had a bite, but that was it. Next we tried to cross the channel to lake #2, but we almost damaged the boat on a pile of rocks only a foot deep.

I really wanted to try the second lake. There are suppose to be lots of decent sized northern in here, and I bet most of them are in the second lake.

I guess if you want to fish here, a small boat is preferred if you wan to explore all it has to offer. We headed back to the landing since we couldn’t do much fishing with the winds being so strong.

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