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Wassermann, MN (Carver County) | Best Lake Review On the Web

Wassermann Lake Stats

Wassermann Fish Species

  • Tiger Muskie
  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Black Crappie
  • Bluegill
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Green Sunfish
  • Perch
  • Bullhead
  • Bowfin

Watch us fish Wasserman in late January

Boat Landings At Wassermann

Wassermann boat landing

Wassermann has a nice boat landing, directly off Hwy 43, next to the Waterbrooke church. I believe it is a gravel landing. It was covered with snow the day I was there. Just make sure you don’t turn into the church parking lot when trying to get to the lake.

Commentary About Wassermann Lake

Wassermann is a small lake with huge potential. It is located near the city of Victoria, and is named after Michael Wassermann, a pioneer settler.

Homes nearby

On the opposite side of Hwy 43, you can see how close you are to a residential area. I keep hearing how this is an underutilized lake, but from what I’ve seen, plenty of people come here, especially in the winter.

Ice shacks on Wassermann

As you can see, the lake is dotted with ice shacks. These shacks surround a 41 foot deep hole. We were at 18 feet and were catching mainly bluegills and a few perch. The shacks that were a little deeper in 25 feet of water were catching crappie too.

Wassermann seems to be a great lake for catching panfish, but also has some decent sized northern and bass. It was once stocked with muskies, but they haven’t done so since 2006. You might still see one roaming around. Tiger muskies are more abundant, so you will have a better chance at catching one of those.

This is an older video, but he talked about the fish species in Wassermann. It sounds like they had once stocked it with walleye, but you probably won’t catch one anymore.

Wassermann pike

Here is a good example of what’s possible in Wassermann lake.

Cabin fever Sporting Goods

There is even a bait store nearby if you need some supplies. We went to Cabin Fever sporting goods to get some waxies.

Fishing Experience On Wassermann Lake

I fished Wassermann in mid January with my son Reed and Father-In-Law Dennis. Dennis had fished here many years ago and remembered it was a good lake, so we wanted to try it again.

fishing spot

Finding a spot was easy. Most of the shacks were stacked around the deep hole in the center. We stopped just on the north side of the hole in 18 feet of water.

Reed’s bluegill

Reed pulled in a nice bluegill before I even got set up. He was using a wonderbread jig with red spikes. We continued to see many bluegills comes through, along with some perch on the underwater camera.

Wassermann bluegills

There was a pesky northern that kept coming through and scaring all the bluegills away.

Wasserman pike

I tried to catch him with my new Rapala Rap-V Blade. I caught his attention, but couldn’t get him to bite, which was unfortunate, because he kept coming back every few minutes.

Bluegill dinner!

We ended up catching plenty of fish, and took home just enough for a nice bluegill dinner.

After having a couple of slow weeks ice fishing, I was pleasantly surprised by Wassermann lake. We saw plenty of fish, caught several, and were only out there about 2 hours during the mid day. We drove an hour to fish here and it was well worth it.

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