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Apple River Flowage, WI (Polk County) | Best Lake Review On The Web

Apple River Flowage Stats

Fish Species in Apple River Flowage

  • Musky (Common)
  • Northern Pike (Common)
  • Largemouth Bass (Common)
  • Panfish (Abundant)

Watch us fish the Apple River Flowage

Boat Landings on the Apple River Flowage

There are four public boats landings on the Apple River Flowage. Landings 1 and 2 are located near the center of the flowage. Number 3 and 4 are close together near the south end.

Landing #2

I used the landing labeled #2. This was the nicest landing from what I saw. I was not able to look at landing #1 because it was extremely windy while I was there.

Lincoln Landing (Landing #2)

The above photo is the boat launch at the #2 landing, otherwise known as “Lincoln Landing.”

Lincoln Landing

As you can see, there is a concrete boat ramp with a wooden dock. It is a real nice place to put your boat in the water.

Parking at Lincoln Landing

This landing has a large parking area. I don’t think this flowage gets a lot of fishing pressure, so parking shouldn’t be a problem.

Landing #3

The next landing down is located in the Amery city park. At first I wasn’t sure if this landing was useable, but after close inspection, it was a usable landing. It just looks like it hasn’t been used in a while.

Landing #3

The boat launch here is just a gravel patch leading to the waters edge. Despite the primitive landing, it does have a nice dock, and lots of other amenities nearby.

Amery city park

There are a couple pavilions, toilets, and a play structure for the kids. There are no designated trailer parking spots, just a large gravel area, so I guess you can park anywhere you like.

Landing #4

Landing #4 is at the very south end of the flowage. It is a city street that dead ends at the lake. I guess you can park along the road edge. There are no signs signifying where to park.

Landing #4

The road gets a little bumpy as it enters the water. If you need supplies, you can always walk to the stores from this landing.

Docks at landing #4

Landing #4 has two docks. One at the boat launch, and one just off to the side. There is a large field and running path just above the dock we are parked at… Just in case you need some exercise.

Commentary on Apple River Flowage

The Apple River Flowage was created a long time ago by damming the Apple River, and is now home to muskies, northern pike, largemouth bass, and panfish.

The northern end of the flowage is shallow and weedy. If you are going to fish here, do it early in the year before the vegetation takes over.

Apple River Bridge

There is a bridge near the center of the that divides the flowage into northern and southern sections. We found good fishing just south of this bridge, and pretty much all the way down to the Amery city park.

Apple Flowage Underwater

Most of the flowage is fairly shallow in the 6 foot range. It has nice weeds, the kind fish like to hang out in.

South end of flowage (looking south)

At the far south end of the flowage, it turns back into the Apple River again. This photo was taken from the dock at landing #4.

Fishing Experience on the Apple River Flowage

Reggie and I fished here early in the year before the weeds got too thick. It was a very windy day. Even though the temperature was in the 50’s, it felt like the wind chill was only 30 degrees. We tried to find the calmer spots on the flowage to fish.

Apple River bluegill

We tried fishing for northern, but didn’t have any luck. Musky season wasn’t open yet, so we tried for some panfish, and had immediate success!

Apple River pumpkinseed

We caught a few different species, including bluegills, pumpkinseeds, and crappies.

Apple River crappie

Most of the panfish were just average sized, but we did pull in a few real nice ones mixed in. Anywhere there was some cover or structure, like a fallen down tree, we did good fishing for panfish.

Reggie with 28 inch pike

Things got exciting as we moved to the south end of the flowage. We finally found the northern pike. I had a big one follow my lure up to the boat. Then Reggie caught this beautiful 28 incher about 30 seconds after mine (different fish).

I was starting to wonder if there were any northern in here. We tend to catch a lot of northern, so its unusual for us to not catch one. Well, this big one made up for it. The northern in here do seem to run large, so if you catch one, it might be a good one.

Musky size limit

Musky season wasn’t open yet when I was here, but if you do fish for musky, there is a limit of one and a minimum size of 40 inches. Make sure to check the regulation first, as they can change.

Geese swimming by the bridge

This is a beautiful place to go fishing. Lots of nice scenery and wildlife to look at. Its close to the town of Amery, so its easy to get to.

Turtles on the Apple River

We fished here for many hours, and only saw two other boats. Its a nice place to get some peace and quiet, without having to drive too far.

Reggie and I really enjoyed fishing here. I’d recommend coming here if you get the chance. It is easy to fish. Just fish the weedlines or any structure you find. It is a skinny water and not very deep, so you can fish just about anywhere.

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