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Lower Clam Lake, WI (Sawyer County) | Best Lake Review On The Web

Lower Clam Lake Stats

Fish Species in Lower Clam Lake

  • Musky (Common)
  • Panfish (Common)
  • Smallmouth Bass (Common)
  • Walleye (Common)
  • Largemouth Bass (Present)

Watch us fish Lower Clam in late September

Boat Landings on Lower Clam Lake

Lower Clam boat landing

Lower Clam Lake has one public boat landing. Surprisingly, it’s on a paved road which nestled under a forest of trees. It is located on the northwest end of the lake, and can be tricky to find.

Parking at Clam Lake

Parking is a small cleared area off the road. It can probably hold 5-6 vehicles.

Off loading the boat

There road makes a loop which makes it easy to gets turned around and in position to launch your boat.

Boat ramp

The pavement ends at the water. It is a shallow landing, so you might have to get your feet wet to get in the boat. There is no dock here.

Shallow water

Here is Reggie pointing out some fish at the landing. You can see how shallow the water is.

Commentary About Lower Clam Lake

Lower Clam looking south

Lower Clam Lake is a small lake located in northern Wisconsin in the heart of the Chequamegon National Forest. It has pristine, mostly undeveloped shorelines.

Clam Lake is the nearest town, and it is surrounded by several other lakes that are similar to Lower Clam. One of my all time favorite lakes is Day Lake, which is just on the north side of the town. This lake is loaded with small muskies. See my lake review of Day Lake Here.

Day Lake campground

If you would like to fish Lower Clam, or any of the other lakes in the area, the Day Lake campground is an excellent place to stay.

Get a complete tour of the Day Lake campground here

There is not much civilization around these parts, buts that’s why I love it. You will likely be the only one on the lake. In the fall you will see and hear hunters roaming through the woods.

Clam Lake Junction

In the heart of Clam Lake is the Clam Lake Junction. This is your one stop shop for all your needs. You can fill up with gas, get groceries, and fish baits, all in one spot.

Lower Clam north end

The water in Lower Clam is dark with low visibility. On the very north end, it was very weedy with lots of muck and it was difficult to fish. It even smelled bad.

Lower Clam south end

The very south end looked much nicer. It still had some nice weeds, but without all the muck.

Lower Clam bays

Lower Clam has an irregular shape which gives it lots of nice bays to fish in. According the the Northwest Wisconsin Sportsman’s Guide, look for muskies along the 5-10 foot drop line near shore. The far north and south ends are a good place to look for them.

Fishing Experience on Lower Clam Lake

I fished here with Reggie at the end of September. The weather was beautiful. It was partly cloudy with warm temps. We had previously fished here, but never did any good. Then we found a YouTube video of a guy catching some big pike and musky, so we wanted to give it another shot.

Getting sucker minnows

As we pulled off the landing, another boat was was just getting off the lake. They had unused sucker minnows, so they gave them to us. A big thank you to those guys. It turned this trip into one of our best musky adventures yet.

Reggie with 16.5 inch pike

We caught our first fish on the south end of the lake. Reggie pulled in a small northern pike on a spinnerbait. Then we moved north to the next bay, and that’s when we started having some fun.

I was dragging a large 12 inch sucker minnow behind the boat as we were casting musky lures. I was switching up lures with no luck. I had almost forgot about the sucker minnow dragging behind us until I heard the clicking of my reel.

Musky on!

I picked up my pole and had a nice musky on! I was quite excited because I had almost given up hope of catching one.

38 inch Musky

After some trouble netting it, we got it in the boat. It measured 38 inches, my biggest musky yet! I realize its not that big for a musky, but this is a small lake, so they are not going to get much bigger than this.

36.5 inch musky

The best part is, I hooked another one not too long after the first. This one was slightly smaller at 36.5 inches.

12 inch sucker minnow

Both muskies were caught on this sucker minnow rig. Like I was saying, a big thank you to the guys who gave us the sucker minnows. If it wasn’t for them, I would have thought there were no fish in this lake.

This was late fall, and live bait seemed to be the only thing they were biting on. I was throwing all kinds of lures at them and barely had a hit.

Every once in a while I find a small easy to fish lake, with monster fish in it. If you are able to catch them, you have the chance at catching a trophy here.

Here is the video that inspired us to try Lower Clam again

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