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Lower Vermillion, WI (Barron County) | Best Lake Review on the Web

Lower Vermillion Lake Stats

  • Acres: 215
  • Max Depth: 55 feet
  • Mean Depth: 24 feet
  • Bottom: 30% sand, 5% gravel, 0% rock, 65% muck
  • Shore Length: 3 miles
  • Water Clarity: 5.1 feet
  • Water Color: Clear
  • Google Maps Location

Fish Species in Lower Vermillion

  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Panfish

Watch us fish Lower Vermillion in late August

Boat Landings on Lower Vermillion

Boat landing Lower Vermillion

Lower Vermillion has one public boat landing located on the northwest end of the lake, directly off 9th Street.

Boat launch

It has primitive boat launch made of gravel. I did see some bigger boats using this, but it was a struggle.

The landing is fairly shallow and has tons of weeds. You will need to do a thorough decontamination after fishing here.

Lower Vermillion parking lot

The parking area is just another patch of gravel on the opposite side of the road. I’d say you could fit 5 or 6 vehicles there.

Commentary on Lower Vermillion Lake

I often fish with Reggie, who lives in Barron, WI. This is his go to lake whenever he has a few hours to fish. Its not very far, usually not very busy, and has lots of action. Here is what Reggie has to say about this lake:

Low Vermillion is a nice little lake. I have fished there 5 times this year and have always caught some fish. The shallow bay on the east side of the lake is a good spot for bass and pike. The bass range between 12 to 17 inches and the pike are usually between  20 to 26 inches. You can catch panfish just about anywhere in this lake. A good spot to start is the south side of the lake. The shoreline here is a little deeper and there are docks and fallen trees in the water. I have also caught some bluegills and crappies just out from the boat landing. Over all this is a great little lake to fish. Don’t expect to catch any monsters here but  if you’re looking for a relaxing  afternoon of fishing this is a good lake. 

-Reggie Kahl
Lower Vermillion looking southeast

Lower Vermillion is located just southeast of Cumberland, WI. At 215 acres and 55 feet deep, it holds a fair amount of fish, but is small enough that its easy to navigate.

Reed with his biggest bluegill

It is known for having lots of small northern pike, 8-10 inch crappies, largemouth bass and walleyes. It also has plenty of bluegills. You will find many of them big enough to keep, but they won’t be huge. You can find information and lake maps for Lower Vermillion and many other lakes in the Sportsman’s Guide for Northwest Wisconsin. I love these books!

Lower Vermillion hotspots

The above map shows where we caught all our fish. Spot 3 was good for bass and northern. Spot 1 and 2 is where we caught a whole mess of bluegills. I know Reggie has also caught some bluegills and crappies just off the boat landing too.

Fishing Experience on Lower Vermillion

I had fished this a few years prior through the ice, but only caught a couple perch, so I wanted to give it another try in the summertime.

Reed and Rande

I just returned from a week in Florida. My 6 year old boy Reed insisted on catching a big fish immediately upon getting home. Reggie had suggested we try Lower Vermillion. He thought it was out best chance at getting lots of action.

Windy day on Lower Vermillion

It was a nice warm day, but it was really windy, which made it hard to fish. We started off by going to the far southeast end of the lake.

Lower Vermillion rock bass

Before I could even get set up, Reed pulls in a small rock bass he caught on a beetlespin.

Lower Vermillion bass

Soon after that, I hooked into a decent largemouth bass. I let Reed reel it in, so he could claim he caught a “big fish.”

Lower Vermillion bluegills

Then we worked our way up the west side of the lake. Reggie and I cleaned house on the bluegills. Many of them were nice keepers too.

Fish broke my line!

We finished off the day with a big fish breaking Reed’s line off. I think it was a bass, but all we saw was a big splash and a snap!

This is a great lake to fish if you live nearby, and want some action. The landing is the only downside here. Be prepared to clean off weeds and to get your feet wet launching the boat.

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