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WOW! Now You Can Refill 1 LB Propane Tanks Safe, Easy, and Legally

If you are an outdoorsman, then you probably have bought your share of these 1 pound propane tanks to power things such as Little Buddy Heaters, and camping stoves. Did you know it’s illegal to refill these tanks, and that it can be very dangerous? Well, now you can do it safely, and it’s super easy and legal!

1 Pound Propane Tanks

Introducing the Flame King 1 lb refillable cylinder kit. This kit contains a stand to hold your 20 lb propane bottle upside down, a nozzle for filling your tanks, and one reusable, refillable 1 lb propane tank. The tanks come with a nice plastic cover that screws on the top to protect it, and it makes it easy to carry.

flame King
Contents of the the Flame King box

Keep reading to see my experience using this kit for the first time, or you can just watch the video below.

Refill Your Own Tanks!

Refilling Tanks The Old Way

All you needed was an adapter to connect a small 1 lb propane tank to a larger 20 lb tank.

Once its connected, you flip the big tank upside down and open the valve on the tank.

The big tank will start filling the small tank, but once the small tank pressurizes, it stops filling. Some people say to freeze the small bottle and it will fill fuller. That may help, but you still won’t get it full. The only way to get it full is to pull the relief valve at the top to let some air out so the propane can flow in.

Relief Valve

Doing it this way if very difficult because the relief valve is hard to reach. The valve guard/handle of the big tank blocks your access to it. Plus you have to make sure that relief valve is on the top side otherwise propane will leak out when you open it.

If you ever read the label on these bottles you will see that it says “Do not refill this bottle,” and “Do not transport refilled bottles.” Subject to $500,000 in fines and 5 years imprisonment.

I don’t believe the propane police are out hunting you down, but if an accident did happen and the tank was to blame, you could be in some serious trouble.

The New Way To Refill Propane Tanks

I was super excited when I found this kit at my local bait shop. It was priced at $51.99, but it was on sale for $43, so I bought one. They are currently as low as $33 now.

The kit is quite simple, and easy to put together. You put your 20 lb propane tank upside down on the stand, and then screw on the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle points downward. It will look like this.

Tank with nozzle installed

Then you will screw on the refillable tank that comes with the kit. Your set up will look like this.

You will notice that the refillable bottles are made of thicker metal and will be able to handle years of use compared to the standard bottles. You get one in the kit, and will probably need to pick up at least one or two more so you will always have a spare ready.

I bought one extra tank for $16.99. I’ve seen them online for $13.95, which seems kind of expensive, but remember, you only buy them once! If you use these tanks on a regular basis, they will quickly pay for themselves.

Other than being made heavy duty, the main difference are the threads at the top of the bottle. It has a small bleed valve that can be opened with an allen wrench.

The next step is to open the valve on the big tank. Then turn the allen wrench to open the bleed valve on the small tank. It is now ready to fill by pressing the big lever on top of the nozzle.

When you start to see white mist shoot out of the bleed valve, the bottle is 80% full. You can now release the lever and screw the bleed valve back in. Next you will shut off the valve at the big tank.

Propane misting out of bleed valve

Now to answer the question that is on everyone’s mind. Can I refill a disposable tank with this system? Obviously the manufacturer knew you were going to try, so they put in a safety system to prevent you from doing this.

There is a small tab on the nozzle that matches up with a notch on the propane tank. This tab in the nozzle prevents you from screwing on a tank that is not refillable.

Once your refillable tank is full and you remove it, you can screw on this fancy top that comes with the tank. It protects the top threads of the tank and also has four nice handles that make the tanks easy to carry.


There are no instructions in the box, but they do give you this website to visit to watch a video on how to properly refill a tank. First thing I saw when going to this site was a recall notice! I thought I was going to have to return my kit. After reading further, I saw the serial numbers that were affected did not include mine.

About 26,000 units were affected. Serial numbers 0000001-020800 on the green 1 lb propane tanks. The serial number is stamped on the bottom ring of the tank. Check their website for a full recall list.

Final Review Of The Flame King Refillable Kit

So far I am very pleased with this kit. I’ve been struggling to refill my disposable bottles at home and was trying to find a better way, when I just happened to see this kit while getting some bait for ice fishing.

It is so easy to do, and I know I’m safe doing it now. You do have to remember to fill them outside or in a well ventilated area away from flames. I’m hoping 2 bottles will be enough, but might buy a third if run across one.

If you use small propane bottles on a regular basis, then this is the only way to go. Not only is it cheaper in the long run, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Did you know that disposable tanks are considered hazardous waste? In the end, we will all feel better by doing it this way.

I hope this article helped you. Check out the rest of my blog site for interesting articles, or take a look at the lake review section. Every time I fish a lake, I document the experience in great detail so you can have a first hand look at a lake before trying it out. Thanks for visiting!

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